Theresa San-Nicolas

A little about me…

I was born in Cleveland Ohio. A Pisces by birth. I am part European and part Micronesian. On my mother's side I am German, Russian, Czech, Austrian, and Scandinavian. On my father's side I am Chamoran, from the Island of Guam, with a tiny bit of Chinese. I grew up around the continental USA, Germany and Hawaii. My father is retired military. I have one brother who is married with four beautiful children. I also have three loving cats, who are now with their Grandparents (my parents), due to all of my traveling.

I started modeling and acting in my late teens. I was actually studying to be a pediatric nurse when my parents suggested modeling school because I was very much a tomboy. I attended Barbizon school of modeling in San Jose, California, which changed my career goals. While at the school, I was scouted and asked to enter a beauty pageant, which I won. I entered and won several pageants after that, ultimately winning the title of "Miss Teen California." After that, I received offers to model and act. I was hooked. I then looked for agents everywhere I lived. I have traveled and worked not only in the continental USA, but also Hawaii, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the Bahamas. There are so many other places I would love to visit and work. My first true acting job was on "Magnum P.I." in Honolulu Hawaii, starring Tom Selleck. My first Feature film was "Harley Davidson and The Marboro Man," starring Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke. I have done a number of other features since. With every year and every job, I become better and better. I am very passionate about my work. I feel this is what God has intended for me.

I enjoy all kinds of different sports especially the outdoor ones. Being with Mother Nature really helps me appreciate all the natural beauty God has provided us. Camping, sleeping under the stars and fishing, while on land or out in the deep blue ocean, skiing and water sports, I love it all.

I also have run a charity since 1995 called Miracle Meals, where we raise money to purchase meals to feed families at Thanksgiving. Please visit for more information.

Another one of my passions is staying fit and healthy. I recently became a distributor for XanGo, a functional health drink loaded with antioxidants derived from a fruit called mangosteen. Please check us out at - and refer to my distributor number: 3443091.

I love all the best things life has to offer, such as traveling and staying at the best places, eating and drinking the best food and wines, shopping and learning about different cultures and languages. I believe each moment should be enjoyed to the fullest. My motto is  "Work hard, play hard."

I value my family, friends and animals. They give me the love, strength and encouragement to follow my dreams.

Let's see where it takes me……

Remember to make each and every moment count. Live life to its fullest.